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Simlish is real, and the new Sims Alexa app will translate it for you

Want to learn Simlish? A new Sims-themed Alexa add-on can help

The Sims have been speaking in the delightful gibberish of Simlish from the start, but as with all fictional languages in things with rabid fan communities, that gibberish was eventually deciphered into a proper language. I don’t think we’re quite to the point where you can carry an eloquent Simlish conversation just yet, but Maxis is putting out an official set of translations – though you will have to put in some effort to make use of them.

Lin-Z was recently added to The Sims 4, as an Alexa-style device your Sim can build a creepy robot relationship with. Now Maxis is putting together a real-life counterpart in the form of an Alexa app – sorry, ‘skill’ – which will offer Sims trivia, play music from the series soundtrack, or give you a history lesson about the past games.

But you can also speak Simlish at Alexa and have it translate for you, and the in-game Lin-Z device will give you new bits of the language to try once your relationship is maxed out. As Kotaku notes from the official dev stream, there’s a whole “secret vocabulary” to be discovered.

There’ve been plenty of unofficial Simlish translations over the years, but Maxis has been reticent to offer more official rundowns. At last, our dreams may come true

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The new app is free and set to launch sometime next week if things stay on schedule. Personally, I hope to be fluent by the end of the year.