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Your Sims 4 personas are bad people, but it isn’t their fault

A Sims 4 glitch associated with Maxis' life game's most recent update is turning your usually playful personas into straight up balls of rage, and it's wild

A tanned cartoon man in a yellow shirt with brown hair and a brown beard wearing glasses tilts his head in anger on a blue background

A Sims 4 glitch that appears to have landed alongside the life game‘s recent update, patch 1.92, has turned the usually playful virtual people into creatures intent on causing chaos and being downright nasty. If you’ve noticed a change in your Sims’ behaviour don’t worry, fixes are coming.

Many avid fans are struggling to deal with their Sims’ surprising new mood swings. Virtual families are on the brink of collapse, households have fallen into ruin, and a lot of players are concerned that everything they’ve worked for may crumble before their very eyes.

The only Sims that are immune are those with the loyal trait, and the bug appears to only be impacting those who do not own the Snowy Escapes expansion. While now might be a good time to pick it up (it’s winter, after all), it’s also a $40 / £35 fix for a bug.

EA has confirmed that a solution is incoming, writing “thanks to everyone for the information and save files. We no longer need saves for this issue. The team is actively working on a fix.” This comes after waves of comments hit the EA answers hub in the wake of the patch 1.92.

Sims are still behaving badly, however, but there are a few temporary fixes. Several different Sims 4 mods can help you combat the issue, and there’s one entirely dedicated to giving your characters a rather stern talking to.

The first, and probably the most obvious, is MC Command Centre (MCCC). This mod allows you to turn off autonomous negative interactions, meaning you can still be mean if you choose to be, but Sims won’t be nasty of their own volition. While vaguely ‘big brother is watching,’ this is a good temporary fix, but it does affect Sims with bad traits.

On the topic of free will (wow, that’s deep for a Friday afternoon), you can also turn this option off in the game’s options. While this will stop Sims in one specific homestead being mean to one another, it doesn’t protect them from the depravity of the outside world.

Another fix comes in the form of Kuttoe’s ‘mean socials fix’ mod, which was released in response to the new update’s issues. It will allow you to temper your Sims directly without negating bad traits, and hopefully keep them from causing further mischief. You can download the mod here.

As with any mod, we recommend you be careful. They are, after all, independent bits of software. We have a list of the best Sims 4 mods for you to check out if you want to add more content to your game other than this fix, as well as the best Sims 4 CC and creators. If you’re wondering how to install custom content packs, we have a Sims 4 CC guide and how to install it, too.