Falling through the scenery, tricky race corners, and more: PC gaming’s most unfair moments

Most Unfair Moments PC Gaming

We love PC gaming, but sometimes the odds can feel a little against us. This can be because of a specific mechanic that must have been designed by Satan himself, or due to a game-breaking bug that the developers never got around to patching out. But what are the most unfair moments gaming have ever provided? We run down our (least) favourites in this week’s video.

These great survival games have been known to be a bit unfair.  

Which of our worst offenders is the one you’d most like to see locked away in game jail for a life sentence? Perhaps it’s the bug that causes you to fall through the map, rendering hours of progress lost? Or maybe it’s the restrictive invisible walls around a Battlefield map that kill you a few seconds after you pass through them? Or might it be one of the four other examples that you can see in the video above?

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