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New Vampire Survivors like borrows Helldivers 2’s best mechanic

Blending Vampire Survivors and Diablo with the best feature of Helldivers 2, a demo for The Spell Brigade is dropping for Steam Next Fest.

The Spell Brigade Steam demo: a little hand drawn scarecrow wizard on a purple background

What if Vampire Survivors had the friendly fire of Helldivers 2? This is a question the upcoming The Spell Brigade wants to answer. With inspiration from Diablo and Vampire Survivors, soon you and some friends can hurl lightning bolts, call in magical air strikes, and decimate hordes of enemies while watching out for each other, so just be sure to watch where you cast your spells.

One mechanic that really sets The Spell Brigade apart is the dynamic spell system, as you’ll be finding and upgrading magical movesets while combining what you have into off-the-wall synergies. It’s all about chaos, so maybe you’re shooting fireballs while a giant magic sword swivels around you, or you’re calling in what I can only describe as a magic ICBM to take out the hordes of enemies while a ring of electricity magic keeps you safe.

There will be eight wizards to play when the action roguelike game launches, three worlds to defeat, nine enemy types, over 30 spells with 4 elements to combine, and plenty of difficulties to choose from when you’re looking for a challenge. The full 1.0 plans to refine the gameplay loop and add even more player choice and options.

You can check out the trailer, with guitar shredding that puts Through the Fire and Flames to shame, below.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Spell Brigade also has up to four-player co-op, with the chaos being punctuated by a friendly fire mechanic. That’s right, just like when you accidentally set your friend on fire in Helldivers 2, you can call in spells that decimate your own team – so watch where you point that spellbook.

The Spell Brigade Demo will be available between Monday June 10 and Monday June 17 during Steam Next Fest, and you can wishlist the game right here. A Steam Early Access launch is slated for sometime in 2024.

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