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The Surge’s A Walk in the Park expansion is out now

The Surge

Update, December 5: The Surge: A Walk in the Park is now available.

The first major expansion for The Surge, A Walk in the Park, is available now. The expansion, which takes place in the colourful theme park of CREO World, also has a new launch trailer, which you can check out above.

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The trailer offers the closest look yet at the expansion’s combat and new enemies. Some of those, which we saw briefly in last month’s teaser-trailer, are more than a little unsettling, featuring horrible mechanical recreations of assorted theme-park snacks.

If you’re new to The Surge, Focus Home Interactive have also announced a new Complete Edition of the game, which will include The Surge as well as all of its DLCs, to include A Walk in the Park. The first expansion contains 16 new weapons, new sets of armor, and new implants.

Update, November 16:The first trailer for The Surge’s A Walk in the Park expansion is here.

The Surge’s first expansion, A Walk in the Park, has a new teaser trailer. The video, which you can see below, is the first look at CREO park, where the expansion will be set.

Things start off nice enough, with fragments of an impressive virtual tour of the theme park’s white knuckle rides. But it’s not long before the tour is abandoned, interspersed with unnerving shots of mascots, murder, and a brief look at one of the expansion’s bosses.

There’s no release date set for A Walk in the Park just yet, but the trailer does say it’s “coming soon.” An earlier press release from Deck13 say the expansion will be out “at the end of the year.”

Original story, October 31:Deck13 have announced a new expansion for hardcore robo-souls-like The Surge. The A Walk in the Park expansion feels like a bit of a departure from the grim industrial world of the base game, taking you and your mechanical exoskeleton to an abandoned theme park.

A Walk in the Park is the game’s first major expansion, and takes the action outside the CREO industrial complex for the first time, giving the game a colourful new vibe. As you journey to CREO park – an amusement park built solely for CREO employees – you learn that despite the cheerful setting, it definitely wasn’t spared from the disaster of the first game.

The expansion promises deranged mascots, new bosses, and 16 new weapons, as well as a bunch of upgrades and other customisation option. According to a press release from Deck 13, it’ll be available “at the end of the year.”