Watch us fight The Surge’s second boss Firebug, a gigantic drone with flamethrowers

The surge firebug boss battle

Now that the brutal action-RPG behemoth that is the Souls franchise has reached its end, it’s time to look out upon the gaming horizon for a worthy contender to its throne. And it’s looking increasingly likely that The Surge is that successor, and the more we play of it, the more we like it. As evidence for that bold claim, we present you with our successful attempt at defeating its second boss, LU-74 “Firebug”. And if you’re concerned that it looks a little too easy, there were roughly ten unsuccessful attempts preceding this triumph – so rest assured it’s no walk in the park.

Wondering how the fighting works? Check out our The Surge combat guide for a handy primer ahead of the game’s release.

Like the first boss P.A.X., there’s a few ways you can beat this fire-spewing mech, although we opted to just play it safe and whittle its health down to nil. It’s a much more complex boss fight than the game’s opener and shows Deck13 Interactive have got more than a few tricks up their sleeve for prospective players. There’ll be coverage for The Surge over the coming days and weeks leading up to its May 16 release, so check back regularly for all the latest.