Here’s exactly when The Surge unlocks in your area

The Surge

Not long now until you can wake up after botched surgery in a factory full of haywire robots who want to kill you. Videogames, eh? 

Get ready to make some scrap metal with our Surge combat guide.

Based on the unlock timer on itsSteam page, here’s exactly when The Surge will be ready to play around the world:

  • Australia: 08:00 AEST tomorrow
  • Brazil: 19:00 BRT
  • China: 06:00 Beijing time tomorrow
  • Europe: midnight CEST
  • India: 03:30 IST tomorrow
  • Japan: 07:00 Tokyo time tomorrow
  • Russia: 02:00 Moscow time tomorrow
  • UK: 23:00 BST
  • USA: 15:00 Pacific, 18:00 Eastern

We’ve derived these times fromthe bit where Steam says “this game will unlock in approximately” however long. This always rounds down from the top of the hour, so the estimate is the same regardless of whether the current time is 21:01, 21:30 or 21:59. If midnight is go-time, in all three cases it’ll say there’s two hours to go.

If you like to buy physical, you can also get The Surge from Amazon here.