The Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay explained

If you want to slay friends across PC and console, or invite them to join the family, here’s the important stuff about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay: Three victims stands next to each other, all wearing blue.

Does The Texas Chain Saw Massacre have crossplay? The legendary horror has its own terrifying multiplayer game, and with multiplayer comes the desire to play with all your friends, whether they’re on PC or console.

While there are a few nice ones, asymmetrical games go hand in hand with horror, and there is no more legendary horror story than that of Leatherface and the Slaughter family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As you go up against the terrifyingly unbalanced killers, you’ll need all the help you can get – after all, there’s even more reason to recruit your mates when it’s quite literally a life or death situation, so here’s the details on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay compatibility.

A table showing Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay compatibility on all platforms.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay

While crossplay is enabled between PC and next-gen consoles in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, current-gen consoles aren’t included. As such, PC players are unable to play with friends on either Xbox One or PS4.

Xbox One players can only play against those on the same console, and the same goes for those on PS4. It’s also not good news on the cross-progression front either, so there’s no working around it by switching between platforms.

Sorry it’s not good news for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay, especially since the game is on Xbox Game Pass day one, and no doubt you have friends wanting to join in the fun on their Xbox One. As we cover in our glowing Texas Chain Saw Massacre review, comms is a great help, but you can still enjoy the thrilling horror game without them.