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The Walking Dead game pulled from Steam, all players given refunds

The Walking Dead Betrayal is being deleted from Steam and all players are getting refunds, as the zombie game struggles to build momentum.

The Walking Dead Betrayal Steam refunds: A character with a beard and glasses from Steam survival game The Walking Dead Betrayal

The Walking Dead Betrayal, the multiplayer zombie survival game first released in September, is suddenly being pulled from Steam, as publisher Skybound says it was “not able” to build the community necessary to continue development. The recently new Walking Dead game pits teams of survivors against hordes of walkers, but also introduces a social deduction element, as some of the survivors are actually traitors attempting to bring down the group from within. Alongside The Walking Dead Destinies, which recently released to negative reviews, The Walking Dead Betrayal is based on the comic books and TV series of the same name. Nevertheless, the game will be taken offline, and all players will be given a full refund.

The Walking Dead Betrayal first arrived on Friday, September 15, and has so far gathered an overall ‘mixed’ Steam rating based on player feedback. A survival game with a colorful, comic-book style, and developed by Project Winter’s Other Ocean Interactive, The Walking Dead Betrayal boasts a promising concept, mixing combat, exploration, and social deception with Robert Kirkman’s zombie universe. Unfortunately, the game has apparently failed to find a sufficient player base, and will now be permanently removed from Steam on Friday, December 15.

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“After considering a variety of paths forward, and with a great deal of discussion and reflection, Skybound Games and Other Ocean Interactive have decided to stop development on The Walking Dead Betrayal,” the game’s creators say. “Despite the hard work put into the game, we were not able to find a path to build the spirited community of backstabbers we originally envisioned.

“On December 11, we will begin the process of removing the game from Steam, and as of December 15 the game will be shut down. All players who purchased the game will receive a full refund. Thank you to everyone who played, betrayed, and provided feedback! Your support and engagement mean everything to us. We look forward to bringing more awesome The Walking Dead experiences to you in the future.”

Everyone who purchased The Walking Dead Betrayal is eligible for a full refund, regardless of their playing time. You can apply for a refund right here.

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