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Fan creates amazing real Witcher 3 Gwent deck and Fallout 4 props for Christmas

Ultimate Gwent

We’re all looking forward to what gifts we’ll find under the tree this Christmas, but some gifts are better than others. In the case of one lucky man this December, he’s getting the best of the best gifts: custom made game memorabilia. Check out this “Ultimate Gwent Set” and “Fallout 4 Ammo Box Gift Set”.

The creations have been made by Imgur user Waffleguru, who created them for her boyfriend for Christmas. The Gwent set contains five laminated card decks, a cotton-canvas playing mat, full rule book, cheat-sheet cards, counter tokens, and gems-in-pouches, all locked up in a carry chest complete with leather strapping. Lavish indeed. 

Ultimate Gwent

The Fallout 4 gift set comes in an ammo box, and contains a lunch box filled with Mentats and caps, a collection of Grognak comics with authentic Commonwealth advertising, a bottle of Nuka Cola, Rad-X, Buffout, and a Stimpack, as well as a nuclear apocalypse manal and a signed postcard from the Silver Shroud himself. 

Fallout 4 ammo box gift set

Fallout 4 ammo box gift set

Can you claim to be unwrapping anything this cool on Christmas day? 

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deanbtn avatar
Dean Smith Avatar
2 Years ago

This looks amazing - that Fallout 4 set is really nice.

I can't help but feel the Gwent cards would be nicer if they weren't laminated. Making them out of a something a bit more rugged would have added a nice final touch.