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This graphics mod makes The Witcher 3 look loads better

the witcher 3 graphics mod

The Witcher 3 was already one of the best looking games on PC, even as we close in on three years since the game’s release. Still, modder Halk Hogan has found ways to make CD Projekt RED’s RPG sing anew, by giving many of the game’s textures the 4k treatment and replacing many of the game’s meshes with higher fidelity versions.

After you've give The Witcher 3 a polish, it's the perfect time to explore the saga's tale of family.

Hogan’s Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project has been in the works since November 2015, but it’s just hit its 5.0 update and the modder has put together a video showing off the newly detailed textures:

The big changes in update 5.0 are realtime reflections for almost all the game’s rivers and streams and a tonne of new meshes and textures for brick, wood, and wall surfaces.

You’ll need at least 2GB of VRAM to run the mod and it will hit performance, though Hogan claims it will only be between a 0 - 5 fps drop, with some higher end cards not being affected at all.

For the download and install instructions head over to Hogan’s Nexus Mods page.

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Braneman avatarPremchand avatarhfm avatar
Braneman Avatar
5 Months ago

I was watching the video and I was like "I can't tell the difference" Then I switched the video away from 360p.

Premchand Avatar
5 Months ago

Looks like i am playing this game again :D

hfm Avatar
5 Months ago

Just watched that in 4K, looks amazing. But it's not making me want to replay Witcher 3 after spending 183 hours with it already scrounging every quest I could find. I think I left a number of small things on the table.. I just couldn't be bothered to hunt down every last question mark. I didn't leave many..