Blade Runner’s “Tears in Rain” scene recreated in The Witcher 3 with fan-made modding tools

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 isn’t the most mod-friendly game on PC, especially compared to Skyrim, which makes one fan’s recreation of Blade Runner’s “Tears in Rain” monologue all the more impressive.

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Through what must have been a Herculean effort, “erxv1” has created a dialogue scene, complete with NPC stage blocking and camera changes, reminiscent of Roy Batty’s iconic final speech from the 1982 sci-fi cult classic.

The scene was made with an unpublished version of the fan-made suite of tools in the W2scene encoder, including a bunch of advanced toolkits such as the Hairworks editor UI, an in-game storyboard editor, and real-time environment parameters editor.

Obviously Deckard didn’t respond to Batty’s emotional plea for the recognition of non-human life with a slightly stilted jig like our Ciri does here, but the rest of it is remarkably good. Good enough to ignite the flames of hope for some fan-made campaign quest lines in the future perhaps?

CDPR dropped a modkit last year to help out tinkerers looking to fiddle with the game, but only really supports fairly minor alterations like retexturing models or item stat-padding.