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The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition erroneously listed by European retail sites, says CD Projekt

Over the weekend, a pair of European online retailers listed The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition as coming in May. This would fit the massive patches that have been applied to both previous games in the series, usually redesigning unsatisfactory systems, re-recording bad VO and generally improving the game, as well as serving as an excuse for a re-release. However, CD Projekt have denied that such a release exists or is planned.

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After the listing popped up and was reported to a few forums and message boards, various individuals took to the Witcher Facebook page to ask about it. Given it was a free upgrade in the past, they wanted to know if that would continue, not to mention wonder why it was happening at all - The Witcher 3 is certainly in less dire need of a pick-me-up as its pair of predecessors were.

However, the reply came from whoever's manning the weekend PR desk at CD Projekt that it doesn't exist:

"There's no Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that we are aware of, this is some kind of error that we will look into. Thanks!"

In the wonderful world of attempting to work out what the things large companies say actually mean, this sort of flat denial would suggest to me that there really isn't an enhanced edition planned or revealed to retailers. The wording is too precise to dance around a point, and it's unlikely they'd want to straight-up lie to their most dedicated fans in such a way that would be revealed shortly.

So where has the listing come from? Possibly a placeholder produced under the assumption that the game would be getting that treatment, as it still might, and accidentally set to public rather than left private. Alternatively, there is some Witcher 3 release coming on that date that's unannounced - a GOTY edition including all the DLC so far, for example. We'll doubtless find out soon.

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Fayde Avatar
2 Years ago

I'd like them to remove igni ignitable candles from positions right next to fast travel signposts. Also, a fucking fast travel signpost in the Baron's keep by the message board would be fantastic, so I don't have to meander roach through a village.

The fact these are the only complaints I have about a game of this scope attests to its greatness.