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The Witcher 3 gets even better with this new… grass mod?

Beautiful Grass mod

If 60+ hours of monster-slaying and world-class narrative isn’t enough for you, then maybe The Witcher 3 just isn’t for you. But on the other hand, maybe the game’s grass was what was putting you off, in which this case a new mod might be exactly what you needed to finally ‘get’ CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece.

Our Witcher 3 review doesn’t even mention grass quality, but it’s still good.

The Witcher 3’s ‘Beautiful Grass’ mod is a complete overhaul of the game’s grass. Yep, just grass. Focusing specifically on White Orchard, Velen, and Skellige, the mod not only adds more vegetation to the game’s lovely countryside, but improves said vegetation in nearly every way imaginable.

There will of course be bonus grass, but said grass will be more detailed, with a greater variety of species. There’ll be greater height variation, more seeds. Beautiful Grass is indubitably a marvel, videogame technology at its glorious peak.

If you’re content to leave The Witcher 3’s grass alone, move right along. If you’d like to improve on it, however, you can download Beautiful Grass right here. It’s likely to hit pretty hard if your computer isn’t up to scratch, so proceed with caution.