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The Wonderful 101 gets a two-hour-long free Steam demo, and a code to unlock Bayonetta

It's getting a lot easier to get into The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 is one of the cooler – and weirder – projects from Bayonetta and Nier Automata studio Platinum Games, but it’s always been a bit divisive and difficult to get into, and not just because it was once a Wii U exclusive. The Wonderful 101: Remastered brought the game to PC earlier this year, and now there’s a demo so you can know if it’s for you.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Wonder-Size Cadet demo is now available on Steam (and the relevant consoles), and includes both the prologue and all of Operation 001, which the devs estimate to be “about two hours of gameplay”. The demo includes some extra bonuses like extra in-game currency and support items, and your progress will carry over into the full game.

The demo lets you play as Bayonetta from the start, and an update to the full game adds a ‘Wonderful Code’ feature that lets you just type in the code ‘UMBRANGIFT’ to unlock her. Previously, you’d have to complete all the game’s toughest challenges to get Bayonetta, or complete the game, enter a button combo, and spend a load of currency.

You can also use the ‘ANGELSLAYERS’ code to unlock Jeanne and Rodin for more Bayonetta tie-ins. The devs say in the announcement that more codes are coming in the future, too.

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