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The sickest strategy game ever made is yours for less than $2

Before Two Point Hospital, Peter Molyneux and the future creators of Fable built one of the wildest strategy games ever, now less than $2.

Theme Hospital GOG sale: A doctor from Bullfrog strategy game Theme Hospital

Two Point Hospital is one of the most-loved strategy and management games on Steam right now. Design your wards, hire your staff, do your best to keep the patients happy and healthy – it’s a flawless formula. But before Two Point – before so many of the strategy sims we love today, like Cities Skylines 2, Frostpunk, and Planet Zoo – the future creators of Fable, led by Peter Molyneux, built one of the coolest, funniest games of the ‘90s. Dark, satirical, and hard to put down, if you want to own this classic piece of PC gaming history, it’s available right now for less than $2.

Oh, Theme Hospital. In the same ‘90s era that brought us Half-Life, Resident Evil, and Civilization 2, the strategy game from Bullfrog – many members of which would later form Fable developer Lionhead – was a beacon of comedy and gratifying management mechanics.

The premise is simple. As the administrator of a hospital, you need to organize and operate everything. Hire the right doctors, balance the heating bill, make sure there are enough vending machines in the waiting area. In the opening sections, Theme Hospital is a lovingly detailed construction and admin sim.

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But then it gets more complex, and starts to unfurl a pointed satire on the modern medical system. Do you recruit clumsy doctors to save on costs? Should you serve the public good and prioritize complex surgery for life-threatening conditions, or fill your pockets with simple, fire-and-forget treatments for everyday ailments? With a simple, colorful visual style and instantly accessible interface and mechanics, Theme Hospital is nevertheless a deep and challenging strategy experience.

And now it’s just $1.49 / £1.29. If you want an engrossing, fun, and unique management game from the annals of PC classics, just hit the button below and pick up Theme Hospital right now.

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