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There are 12 days left to get the Total War Humble Bundle


The latest Humble Bundle is all about the art of war. If you've ever been interested in Creative Assembly's long-running Total War series, now seems like a pretty good time to grab them and support a good cause at the same time.

Paying what you want gets you access to Medieval 2: Total War Collection, Shogun: Total War Collection and hack 'n' slash RPG Viking: Battle for Asgard. You also get some soundtracks, eBooks and other bits. 


If you pay more than the average of $8.35 you also get Medieval: Total War Collection, Empire: Total War Collection and Total War: Arena - along with 18,000 of in-game gold, worth $10. 

Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition and all its expansions are thrown in if you cough up $15 or more. On its own that game is £29.99 on UK Steam, so it's a lot of war for your wedge. Here's the promo trailer:

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Xanem avatarKirk McKeand avatar
Xanem Avatar
2 Years ago

There are over 12 days left at the moment. Not 12 hours like the title says.

Other than that, seems like a great bundle for people that don't already have most total war games.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

I clearly don't know how time works. Thanks for letting me know, I've rectified it now.