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There is a party on Risa in Star Trek Online and you are invited


Summer’s a bit hard on MMO developers, who’re suddenly bereft of international holidays to hang their events on. Perfect World have evidently decided to nail theirs to Glastonbury, as a host of happenings are headed to Star Trek Online tomorrow and will stick around throughout August.

Players will want to head to space-Maldives planet Risa for what is unbelievably STO’s first ever recorded Summer shindig. The Lolhunat Festival will be made up of a collection of regularly repeating events, including but not limited to: jetpack tours, dance-offs and Horga’hn hunting. Prizes for participation will be exchangeable for non-combat pets, one-off consumables and party wear of the hula variety.

Best of all is the Risian Corvette, a sleek racing ship capable of far higher sustained subwarp speeds than your average vessel. It’s only available to players who’ve amassed 1,000 Lohlunat Pearls via the ‘Flying High!’ quest between June 27 and August 2. In fact, you’ll need to take part on no less than 25 separate occasions to earn the ship.

Even the Klingons, normally banned from Risa for being drop dead ugly*, are receiving metaphorical gold-leafed invitations to the Festival. This party is for everyone. Except for the weak – I’m afraid you’ll need to be level 10 or above to attend. What’s more, Romulan captains must have completed ‘Memory Lane’ before they will be permitted to leave the Tau Dewa Sector Block. I’m sure that means something to them.

The particulars of the event, including a full list of special items purchasable at the Risa resort, are detailed at length in a mammoth post on the Perfect World site. Will you be partaking?

*I usually defer to Tim on the finer points of Star Trek lore.

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