There’s a games media prize thing for UK students that we’re a part of


Once a year, the UK games media gets together to shout at each other over twitter. Before that, there’s an awards ceremony called the Games Media Awards that highlights some of the best work coming out of UK journalists in print, online, video and everything else. 

This year, we’re helping out a bit. There’s a student prize that’s trying to act as a talent spot called the Games Media Academy. The winner will be offered work to the value of £1250 across the four companies participating: IGN, Future, Intent and Network-N (us!).

The plan is that the winner will get some cash, some mentorship by some experienced editors, and a CV full of published work on three leading sites. And PCGamesN.

From our side, we’d probably ask you to work for us as a staff writer for a bit. Working for us isn’t really a proper job: we don’t do offices, and we’re rarely fully dressed, but it might be a bit of a laugh. PCGamesN always pays its writers; we’re committed to finding and developing new writers, and it seems like the right thing to do and support.

More seriously: I know it’s really tough if you’re a journalist starting out. The economy is shit, there are no jobs, and what jobs there are are taken up by people who’ve been doing it since forever. We’re doing this because we think it’s a good thing, and we want to help.

The full details are over on MCV – go and have a look.