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100,000 people are playing zombie survival game They Are Billions, now with 10% off

They Are Billions

There’s a chapter in World War Z (the book, not the mediocre film), in which the US Army makes a heroic stand against the tide of undead, a show of force where they turn back the forces threatening humanity. Put simply, things do not go particularly well, but if you want to capture that feeling for yourself, you might like to check out steampunk zombie horde game They Are Billions.

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Currently in Early Access on Steam, They Are Billions is a strategy game set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. You’re in charge of the last remaining human settlements – a few thousand survivors scattered across the world, in the face of crowds of zombies numbering, well, billions.

The game’s strategy aspect is two-fold, requiring you to build and manage human settlements in the wake of the apocalypse, but also to defend those settlements from the roaming hordes. The game’s custom engine means those hordes can see 20,000 zombie units swarming your settlements in real-time. As in World War Z the noise of a small skirmish will draw in more zombies, meaning a small scrap can quickly escalate into an enormous battle.

They Are Billions launched in Early Access on December 12, but one of its modes, Survival, is already fully playable, with full settlement building and a real-time with pause combat function. Developers Numantian Games say they’ll be using Early Access to develop the game’s story campaign while tweaking some aspects of the survival mode. They say the campaign is expected to be completed in the spring of 2018, although that might not be exactly when the game leaves Early Access.

From now until January 4, you can get 10% off They Are Billions on Steam. If the Early Access label makes you nervous, take comfort in the fact that the game is currently ‘Very Positive’ according to use reviews, and nearly 100,000 people have bought it since its launch last week.