Thief 4 screenshots emerge ahead of expected uncloaking; it’s definitely Garrett


There’s something in UK libel law called ‘jigsaw identification’. Say one local newspaper physically describes a tall, moustachioed man protected by courtroom anonymity, and another decides to name the village he lives in. Both harmless details in themselves, but together? Perhaps our man sports the only moustache in the village. He might be identified.

A tangentially similar thing has happened with Thief 4 in the last day. Game Informer mentioned in a recent video that their next mag cover would feature a bow. Nothing suspicious in that. But then an Eidos Montreal community manager mentioned that any “taffers” might like to “set your watches” in anticipation of “something” tomorrow. And so everybody and NeoGAF thinks: Garrett famously used a bow, didn’t he?

Now, suddenly: screenshots.

Update: And a developer video! See it below.

Update:Here’s Eidos Montreal talking Garrett and comparing the original Thief to a 1960s Aston Martin. And if you watch carefully, you’ll see that theyactually made the bow:

The images turned up on Russian site GamesManiac, and soon made their way over to NeoGAF. And cor, even knowing Arkane’s debt to Looking Glass and the original Thief – it doesn’t half look like Dishonored, does it?