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Thimbleweed Park gets more voiced dialogue in time for the Steam Sale


Point-and-click adventure Thimbleweed Park is not only a nostalgic vehicle for a fun weekend, it’s also nabbed a whole mess of updates, just in time for the Steam Summer Sale. 

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There’s a new in-game hint line, for one, where you can use the adorable system HintTron 3000 to dial 4468 (“HINT”) from any phone and be showered with hints to guide you through the areas you might need help with.

And if you’re already coasting through the game and don’t really need assistance figuring out where to go, there’s a treat for you in the form of a whole mess of new dialogue: 1,200 new lines from four of the five main characters. Yep, they’re about to get a whole lot chattier.

Currently, Thimbleweed Park is available on Steam for $15.99, down from $19.99 during the Steam Summer Sale. You can nab it for that price all the way through July 5, which saves you about 20%. Cool.