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Thirty Years’ War released, probably won’t take that long to play


One from the strat-sim side of things with the latest release from AGEod and Slitherine, who have a speciality in 2D strategy games. Thirty Years’ War is set during one of the most bloody periods of European history when the end of the Holy Roman Empire ushered in violence as religious factions clashed against oneanother. It eventually involved almost every major nation on the continent in good ol’ medieval battle.

Spanning 1618-1648, the game has five main scenarios covering different fields of battle and periods of the war. It’s about making sure your nation is spending wisely, moving troops logically and maneuvering around the horrendously complicated nature of 17th century politics. Sieges, naval warfare, weather, prisoners – Thirty Years’ War pretty much has it all when it comes to simulation.

If the period setting seems a little odd, it was actually voted on by AGEod’s community to be featured in the game. It beat out World War 2 and other more commonly popular settings to get a bit of love for a more unknown time.

Publishers Slitherine had an hour long livestream on Twitch, going over all the game’s features. There’s also this shorter fan made video from YouTube:

You can grab the game for £17.99 over on the official site.