A new ending, locations and more come to This War of Mine in free anniversary update

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is getting an Anniversary Edition to celebrate the game’s success during the two years it’s been released – a success that developers 11 Bit say “immediately turned [their] world as a studio upside down”.

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This new retail package adds new locations, characters and even an entirely new ending. The best news is though, that it’s a free update for anyone who already owns the base game.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Three brand new locations
  • New civilians (NPCs)
  • A whole new ending scenario
  • A new achievement

The free update should download the next time you log into Steam. It also brings with it the following fixes:

Major fixes:

  • War Child DLC achievements Note: Helping children and Note: Street Art should work now
  • Day 42 was repeating in some playthroughs – this should no longer happen

Minor fixes:

  • Fixed some minor font issues
  • Fixed Polish font diacritical marks
  • Few smaller graphical glitches – fixed!