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This War of Mine asks you to make a difficult choice in this interactive trailer

This War of Mine Interactive Trailer

“War is not a choice” according to 11 bit Studios - creators of the hit survival sim: This War of Mine. When your life - and others - are on the line, difficult choices must be answered, and the seemingly correct choice isn’t always so.

With this interactive trailer, 11 bit Studios aptly demonstrate how taking situations at face value can be a grave misassumption. 

A heavily armed man is assaulting a defenseless woman, and you have the opportunity to do something about it. Do you help her, or do nothing?

Don’t forget to have annotations enabled to play along.

It does a good job at showing up exactly what you’re letting yourself in for if you’ve yet to play This War of Mine. There are no correct decisions - often you’re picking between the what appears to be the lesser of two evils.

The trailer also signifies the game’s first debut on iOS and Android, so if you fancy taking This War of Mine mobile, you’ll soon be able to do so.

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Daniel Mtanous - USA avatarMctittles avatar
Daniel Mtanous - USA Avatar
2 Years ago

I knew they would pull some stunt like that when you help a stranger... That's why I won't be buying this game. You get the power of the Pen and all you do is use it to create speculation and loss. Way to go.

Mctittles Avatar
Mctittles(1 day 9 hours played)
2 Years ago

Actually the trailer is misrepresentation of how the game plays out. When playing you can attack and also bring weapons with you. There is a scene very similar to this in the game and I successfully killed the guard.

If you are unarmed or inexperienced in combat that is when the decision on if you should help or not becomes difficult. You may loose the battle but it does not play out for you, you can move and fight and choose alternate routes for your character.

Daniel Mtanous - USA Avatar
2 Years ago

They should have shown an instance of that occurring but the route chosen wasn't. I bet there are other situation you will have to face in the game where you're left in terror. I don't want to purchase media that sells me terror.