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THQ considering developing for Linux following success of Humble Bundle


After making more than $5 million in the THQ Humble Bundlle (which a portion of will have gone to charity) THQ are considering developing for the Linux OS.

More on this below.

While the THQ bundle was extremely successful it did spark a little debate from those who were used to most the games in previous bundles to be DRM free and available on Mac and Linux also. Well, the sound of a million GNU-lovers (that sounds wrong) has reached THQ’s ear.

Cheshire Theyain tweeted to THQ’s president Jason Rubin“can you guys consider doing some games for Linux? I know it seems a small market, but look at what Valve is doing.” which got the response“Got the Linux message load and clear via#HumbleBundlefeedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak.”

So it’s not a guarantee that they will begin developing for the open-source OS but that they’re looking into it. Similarly, we don’t know if what they’re looking into is ports of their old catalogue, versions of their current upcoming releases, or future projects.

It’s also worth pointing out that THQ aren’t flush with cash at the moment. So they may not be in a position to risk money on Linux development – even though they would be one of the few AAA publishers operating in the Linux market and so would be in a position to really mop up.