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Hearthstone meets Darkest Dungeon in new Steam card battler, out now

Throne of Bone mixes Hearthstone's card based battles with Darkest Dungeon's roguelike design and macabre tone to create something unique.

Hearthstone meets Darkest Dungeon in new roguelike, out now: A cartoon skeleton in a purple cowl, from Throne of Bone.

Throne of Bone immediately sets itself apart from the games it most resembles with an eye catching visual style. Its clean, colorful cartoon character designs, all themed around skeletons and monsters, pop from the screen as immediately as the art featured in games like Hades or Darkest Dungeon. Alongside its compelling aesthetic, though, is a novel take on genre convention, Throne of Bone mashing up deckbuilders, auto battlers, and roguelike games into something all its own. Luckily, anyone intrigued by this combination can check out the game for themselves right now on Steam through both a free demo and a 10% off launch discount.

Taking notes from games like Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius, Throne of Bone sees the player, as a nefarious skeleton necromancer, recruiting and deploying minions in order to protect their castle home. This is done through a roguelike game structure where the necromancer’s servants, depicted as Hearthstone like cards in a deck, autobattle enemies while the player helps them by flinging spells onto the battlefield. The necromancer also collects powerful relics and explores their castle to find new ways to increase their strength on each run.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and includes six Necromancer characters to play, more than 50 different minions, more than 30 spells, plenty of lore to uncover, and more.

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Throne of Bone is 10% off ($15.29 USD / £12.86) on Steam from now until April 15 to celebrate its launch. There’s also a demo available. Grab a copy right here.

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