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Steam’s own Cities Skylines with beavers gets its biggest update yet

Timberborn update 5 is here, bringing pollution to the Steam city-building game that is basically Cities Skylines, filled with beavers.

Timberborn Steam update 5: a baver swinging a wooden hammer to push in a nail

Timberborn is what happens when you replace the humans in a game like Cities Skylines 2 with beavers. We’ve been replaced by intellectual animals, and they’re contending with vertical architecture, control of the rivers, and massive droughts. You’ll be stacking lodges and other buildings or using adorable beaver robots to help get the job done in this game, with Timberborn’s early access getting even better with today’s Update 5.

If Timberborn sounds exactly like your type of city-building game, it just dropped Update 5, Badwater, which is the biggest yet. The Badwater sources and Badtide seasons can end up polluting your waterways killing crops, and there are a whopping 25 new faction specific-buildings to dive into as well.

Perhaps the best additions are the dance halls and exercise plaza though, for when your beavers need to let off some steam or bulk up. There are also a slew of more decorations for these buildings and others, letting you turn your beaver city into something you’d love to live in.

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“Adding Badwater deepens gameplay and answers recurring requests for more in-game seasons,” Mechanistry communications manager Michal Amielanczyk says. “With two different fluids competing for space, players must be far more creative with water physics and irrigation to avoid contamination.”

Timberborn update 5 Badwater is live in the game right now, and you can check it out on Steam for yourself.

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