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Sony announce Unties, a new indie publishing label for PC

Tiny Metal

Sony have announced that they are going to start publishing indie games on both PC and Nintendo Switch, under a new label called Unties. Sony say they are hoping to elevate some of the hidden gems of gaming, in a market that’s currently struggling to make the best stuff rise to the top. 

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Three of the games announced for the new label will be heading to PC and Switch. “The name ‘Unties’ comes from the thought ‘to unleash the excellent talents of unique game creators all over the world’ and ‘setting creators free from the various shackles of game publishing, named from the intention of realising publishing that is freedom of production without restraints’,” Sony say in the announcement, via Gematsu

Here are the games announced so far:

Tiny Metal

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Last Standard

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Merkava Avalanche

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
5 Months ago

An interesting form of exclusive content, pushing developers to create content for any platform apart from the Xbox it seems. I mean it's nice to hear they're working with PC more, maybe one day they'll open up to one of these games going cross-platform too.

That said, I hope they don't bully MS out of the market, competition is forcing both companies to strive for better, leading to faster development and progression of the industry in general.