Titanfall 2’s collectors edition is $250 and comes with a free helmet


Respawn Entertainment today confirmed that not only would Titanfall 2 be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and your PC on October 28. Then they announced that you could buy a special collectors edition of the game for $250. 

You know what isn’t $250 pounds? Our E3 PC gaming news coverage.

Wait, come back. The special collectors edition comes with a full scale replica helmet that almost certainly won’t fit my coconut sized skull, but still comes with a blue, light-up, translucent faceplate. There’s also a tactical ARC rail system which is a lot of words I don’t understand in a line and might mean something to you. What I do understand is the laser sight and tactical spotlight attached to the helmet.

Earlier today, Respawn Entertainment confirmed Titanfall 2 would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on Oct. 28, and now the company has announced a special collector’s edition that comes will a full scale replica helmet for $250.

The replica pilot’s helmet comes with a blue, light-up, translucent faceplate, functional tactical ARC rail system and stand, according to the description on Amazon. The helmet also comes packaged with a few accessories, including a tactical spotlight and targeting laser sight.

The $250 Vanguard Edition has a few more tricks up its sleeve, a field journal, a vanguard shemagh scarf and an 8GB dog tag USB drive. Honestly, it’s everything you could want that’s Titanfall 2 themed, and then there’s also a deluxe copy of Titanfall 2.

Fancy something a big cheaper? The standard edition will be a fair bit cheaper at $59.99