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Titanfall leaked: a new Source shooter from Infinity Ward refugees Respawn


Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Details of Respawn’s debut have been splashed all over NeoGAF ahead of a planned Game Informer reveal. The long-rumoured sci-fi FPS is named Titanfall, is multiplayer-focused, and runs in a modified version of Valve’s Source Engine.

NeoGAF user Cartman86 posted the game’s cover image, which features a lady blasting the ugly metal face off a huge mech – a titan.


Titanfall reportedly blurs the line between competitive multiplayer and single player. AI soldiers will swarm its open maps, and storytelling is inspired by Left 4 Dead.

Players, or ‘pilots’, will have the option of steering titans themselves or having the great machines follow them around like obedient, non-sentient dogs.

Titans will feel agile to control, and can dodge incoming attacks. They won’t be quite so agile as their pilots, however, who can run on walls and clamber up enemy titans with ease – shooting their “brains” to take them down.

Pilots will come equipped with weapons including pistols, assault rifles, and anti-titan rocket launchers, as well as a data knife – used to hack the AI enemies that roam the game’s maps and coerce them into joining your side.

Vulnerable pilots will need to exploit all their cunning via “hit and fade” tactics – but Respawn expect new players to survive for longer than they do in CoD thanks to the relative resilience of their mechs.

Titanfall will be released on PC, alongside the new Xbox, in the spring of next year.