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Titanfall’s Vince Zampella talks singleplayer: “Everyone plays through the first level, but 5 percent of people finish the game”


Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Titanfall was finally revealed to the world at E3 and it looks big. Way bigger than you’d expect from just sixty employees at brand-new studio Respawn. Yet from a developer whose founding members are world renowned for creating Call of Duty’s bombastic, cinematic single player campaigns, Titanfall is oddly devoid of a solo experience. Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella has explained that a campaign in his new game would have been a waste of resources.

Talking to GamesIndustry International, Zampella said: “We make these single-player missions that take up all the focus of the studio, that take a huge team six months to make, and players run through it in 8 minutes. And how many people finish the single-player game? It’s a small percentage. It’s like, everyone plays through the first level, but 5 percent of people finish the game. Really, you split the team. They’re two different games. They’re balanced differently, they’re scoped differently. But people spend hundreds of hours in the multiplayer experience versus ‘as little time as possible rushing to the end’ [in single-player]. So why do all the resources go there? To us it made sense to put it here. Now everybody sees all those resources, and multiplayer is better. For us it made sense.”

If you’re suddenly worried that Titanfall won’t be the game for you due to the lack of a story mode, fear not. The game does still have a narrative to progress through, along with cinematic ‘woah!’ moments, but they will all be wrapped up as part of the multiplayer experience (think along the lines of Brink, if you were one of the ten people who played it).

You’ll be able to strap into a Titan mech for multiplayer mayhem next spring, when Titanfall launches on PC.