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Titanfall dev seems confused about whether game has season pass

Titanfall is worth every GB, if the beta is anything to go by.

Titanfall has landed; here's our Titanfall review.

The developers over at Respawn have a tough working day. For hours on end each day they’re listening to the cranking and grinding of mechs being tested in the workshop, there are munitions experiments on the firing range, and, frankly, it’s a loud and confusing place to work. Anybody in similar situation would find forming a coherent thought difficult.

Which could explain the current confusion over whether the game will have a DLC season pass or not.

It began with a fan asking the Titanfall account about a season pass. Respawn haven’t hidden that there will be plans for DLC post-launch but they’ve been quiet about a discounted way to buy it all up.

Their response implied you’d need to buy each DLC individually, which could rack up a fair cost (though it would at least give you a chance to see what you’re buying).

Two days later the account changed its postion to say:

The change suggests Respawn will be announcing a season pass, they just aren’t right now for ‘reasons’. Hence the evasively worded “We have no details to announce ... at this time.” What I’d like to know is what the heck an “online pass” is. For consoles it's a way for a publisher to make cash off second game sales: games are sold with a code that only works once and it activates the game's multiplayer. When you buy a second hand game you have to pay the publisher for a new pass so you have access to online. But Titanfall is a multiplayer only game, it would have made no sense for the game to have an online pass. Weird that the devs would have the two confused.

Titanfall is due out on 11 March and we couldn’t be more excited. Well, that’s a lie, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Lego Movie next week.

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Xanem avatarBelimawr avatarFarfromjokin avatar
Xanem Avatar
4 Years ago

Aren't online passes those things they use on console to try make second hand buyers pay for multiplayer?

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

it's not the multiplayer pass, all firms scrapped them before the PS4/X1 released and they have been removed from all games that had them, with EA being one of the firms saying they wouldn't come back.

this is more relating to the season pass that relates to the DLC and not actual online play.

the bigger question is why the thought of their being an online pass was even brought up when they have been discontinued by nearly all publishers with EA being one of the main ones to say they were dead and didn't really work.

but since the person writing this wanted to know what they were, they were basically a CD key for the game on console, but you could pick them up for normally about £10-£15 and most likely the reason they stopped it was because it meant you could pirate the game then play as if you bought the full game for a fraction of the price.

Farfromjokin Avatar
4 Years ago

No, No and No, That is NOT what a season pass is, and clearly your intellect shows you have no concept of what companies STILL do in console gaming. so let me educate you from your ignorance.

First, what does the term Season mean? well, for starters Changing. Changes. in this case, the change. is DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT. so, A season pass would mean, that seasonally for x$ you download the DLC for a ONE TIME CHARGE EVER, So you pay your 20$ or whatever and never again are you charged for DLC, from games that you own a season pass for.

so, When season 1 launches, ( FIRST DLC it costs let us say 10$ BUT if you paid that season pass charge, let's say 20$, You get that FIRST DLC. so, second season rolls around ( DLC pack 2) it also costs 10$ but you got your Season pass, so its been paid for allready. so then DLC pack 3 rolls out, and again, this times its 15$. but you paid the season pass. therefore YOU DONT PAY FOR THE DLC,

Furthermore, what your referring too, was an online pass. which, yes is dead by some companies, however, SOME practice this, to encourage people to not only NOT pirate, but buy the retail copy of the games, and thus bring the company more money. after all if you bought their game for 12$, and not at their discretion, then in their eyes, your buying pirated, ill gotten software. but I digress.

I've informed you and anyone else in the future as to what a Season pass is, hope that helped.

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

you haven't actually informed on anything you achieved nothing other than a world class rant that showed you didn't read or understand what I had wrote, since you basically repeated a lot of what I had said just in a more aggressive way.