Respawn talk Titanfall’s final DLC pack: IMC Rising

Titanfall has not yet finished its run.

Titanfall has nearly completed its tour of duty. No longer opening and closing trade show conferences with a salvo of announcements, the game nevertheless played its part in an EA GamesCom show defined by the noise and colour of Dragon Age, Shadow Realms and The Sims.

IMC Rising will be Titanfall’s third and last DLC release, and will constitute another three maps – bringing the game’s post-launch total to nine.

Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe said IMC Rising’s maps would be “action-packed” and “explore some really cool areas of the Titanfall universe”.

“In just five months since the game came out we’ve added tons of great new content,” she said. “We’ve really only just begun to explore the Titanfall universe.”

The developers will follow Titanfall’s new black market currency with more free updates made up of new features and modes – “including something that we think our fans will be excited about.”

What that something is, exactly, remains to be seen. IMC Rising will be out sometime in the Autumn.

Titanfall’s second map pack, Frontier’s Edge, introduced parkour to the beach. Have you played any of its maps?