Isometric action game Tokyo 42 releases May 31, gets trailer with 4.2 seconds of gameplay


Tokyo 42 has got a release date (May 31) and a cheeky launch trailer, which vows not to waste your time and doesn’t.

Intrigued? Jordan took a look at Tokyo 42 – check out his preview to decide if it’s for you.

As you may or may not grasp from the brief 4.2 seconds of gameplay, Tokyo 42 is a stylish, pastel-coloured, isometric action game. If you’re old enough to remember the classic Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, it looks a bit like that, but more colourful and kinetic. Challenging action gameplay is delivered via bullet physics, stealth systems, and a touch of platforming.

The premise: you’ve been framed for a murder you didn’t commit, and to clear your name, are drawn into a world of assassins, corporate intrigue, and cats. There’s an open-world story mode and deathmatch arenas for a bit of multiplayer.

Tokyo 42 is developed by British indies SMAC Games and published by Mode 7, the folks who gave us Frozen Synapse. If you’re keen to see a bit more than 4.2 seconds of gameplay, check it out on Steam, or at its website.