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Raven Shield mod makes the lack of Rainbow Six Siege single-player less painful

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield may be nearly 15 years old but that hasn’t stopped one modder creating an upgrade which claims to overhaul enemies, weapons, AI, and sound, and even make your squad communicate with hand signals.

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Elite Counter-Terror is a single-player modification for Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield created by ModDb user ac11b.

The mod introduces an upgraded AI for both Rainbow soldiers and terrorists, bringing Raven Shield into the modern age. Rainbow teams can use hand-signalling and have tighter formations, keeping sound to a minimum and demonstrating the height of precision. However, terrorists are much more lethal, as are all the game’s enemies. And, if you are able to convince an enemy to lay down their weapons, you better secure them quickly or else they’ll rally and get back into the fight.

The addition of new template files for every mission also means enemies will be more varied and enemy types will be more accurate to the map and plot being played. 

Alongside hard-as-nails enemies, the game’s sound has been drastically improved with the addition of “dozens of powerful new sounds for many weapons and gadgets”. When combined with other mods, Elite Counter-Terror also improves the game’s visuals and adds new weapons.

You can check out the Elite Counter-Terror mod in action below:

Considering the serious lack of single-player mode in Rainbow Six Siege, apart from occasional Situations, it may be that going back to Raven Shield is preferable for the lone wolves among us who want to feel young again.

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Roemello Skuggs avatarAC11B avatar
Roemello Skuggs Avatar
5 Months ago

This is one of the reasons I like this site. I'm often greeted with articles featuring things that should get/need some exposure.

AC11B Avatar
5 Months ago

Hey Vic Hood just wanted to say thank you for the positive remarks, there are several other modders who deserve credit too so I just want to recognize them: Twi, CrazyJake, Masaketsu, and others.

Since the last update, I have been doing ALOT of work on the Rainbow AI code, completely overhauling room-clearing mechanics to make it more realistic and effective. I hope to release it soon, along with some new weapons from Twi! Please stay tuned, Elite Counter-Terror is ABSOLUTELY made for old-school fans like you, and new fans who are not impressed with lame games like Siege or Wildlands, and the work will continue. Anyone who wants to get involved please message me, even if you have no experience.