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Ubisoft are giving away Splinter Cell for free from July 13

Splinter Cell

Ubisoft have announced that the original Splinter Cell will be given away for free on Uplay from next Wednesday, July 13, in celebration of the publisher’s 30th anniversary. 

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The stealth classic replaces current PC freebie Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and like that it will be available for 30 days. Get it downloaded and it’s yours to keep.

I still remember the first time I got Sam Fisher to do a split jump and take out a guard from above.

Releasing originally in 2002, the Ubisoft classic perfectly captured the stealth genre high Metal Gear Solid kicked off, but at the same time it delivered something completely different, using light and shadow as its main stealth mechanic.

Like Metal Gear Solid, the series has mutated a lot over the years, so it’ll be interesting to revisit this oldie.

You can grab the game on UbisoftClub when it replaces Prince of Persia (which is available now) on July 13.