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The Division is about to give you access to much bigger buffs


The Division is adding update 1.7 in the next few weeks, bringing new Global Events, Commendations, and Classified Gear with it. 

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Global Events will offer special rules called Global Modifiers that will affect the entirety of The Division’s open world for players across the globe (clue’s in the name). The Modifiers will require people to adapt to different playstyles to complete missions during Global Events. Upon success, players receive special Global Event Tokens that may be spent on Classified Gear Caches.

Classified Gear was designed, according to Ubisoft, for players to collect and add to their arsenal in the endgame, as it drops at gear score 256 no matter the World Tier. It “offers an opportunity” to extend the stats of each player’s current build. Essentially, it’s meant to retain the value of a player’s current loadouts as they play, while offering ways for them to find newer and more useful gear.

Commendations are also on the way, which essentially offer a type of achievements players can go after. There’s more information on each of the new additions over on Steam.