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Last Man Standing may be added to The Division’s Survival mode, hints player survey

The Division

Ubisoft are surveying players of the Division, with some questions hinting at forthcoming content and possible directions for the next game in the franchise. One of the more specific ideas mentioned is a ‘Last Man Standing’ mode for the game’s successful Survival game, added in the last DLC.

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The survey is available here, so Division players should feel free to share their thoughts with Ubisoft. Alongside the usual questions about why you’ve stopped playing and how you spend your leisure time (apparently being on social media is a leisure activity now – happy 2017, everybody), you can expect to answer some of the following:

  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your experience in the Dark Zone?
  • How interested would you be in a ‘Last Man Standing’ mode for Survival? (i.e Battle Royale, Hunger Games… Only one player can win and remain alive at the end of the game)
  • How interested would you be in reading series of novels around the universe of Tom Clancy’s The Division?
  • Where should Tom Clancy’s The Division bring you in the future?
    • New city (continuation of the story)
    • New York City (continuation of the story)
    • New city (during the current events of The Division in New York City)
    • New city (different period of time)
  • How likely are you to buy a follow-up to The Division?

The Dark Zone is the PvP area at the centre of The Division’s map, where players are able to kill others and steal their loot. It had some serious problems last year, especially on PC, with players abusing in-game glitches to power-level themselves and make life miserable for others who were playing the game legit (not to mention newbies).

These problems have been somewhat alleviated by the version 1.4 and 1.5 patches, the latter of which added the successful Survival DLC. Ubisoft say The Division has recovered many players since patch 1.4, so it’s understandable they’d poll their audience on their experiences in the new Dark Zone and Survival. Ubisoft are also one of the more determined publishers when it comes to extending into other media, with their own publishing division and many Assassin’s Creed books.

And then those last two questions indicate that – to no one’s surprise following its strong sales – Ubisoft is thinking about a sequel. The fact that they’re sounding out fans for its setting suggests they’re still very much in the conceptual stages, however.