No new story content planned for The Division year two, but two free expansions are coming

The Division

The best feeling you get in The Division is when you shoot enough poor people that you’re rewarded with a brand new beanie hat. Luckily, there’s more of that coming in 2017, with two free expansions landing, introducing all-new vanity gear and more. 

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The first of these free expansions will arrive in summer. It will deliver in-game events that will funnel players together where they’ll presumably shoot some AI. These events will have leaderboards and will reward players with “unique vanity items”.

You’ll also be getting loadouts, so you can switch up equipment sets on the fly, changing role to suit your circumstances or team composition.

Details are thin on the ground for the second expansion, due to arrive late in the year. We do know it won’t have any story missions, however.

To celebrate the game’s longevity, Ubisoft are giving away 200 premium credits, and a premium celebration emote to all players who log in between March 9-16. On top of this, there will be double exp on high value targets until March 11.

With Ubisoft Massive working on a new Avatar game, it’s good to know their Middle Manhattan-based shooter is still trudging on through the snow. Check out the Ubi Blog for more info.

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