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The Division’s Last Stand DLC is control-based, 8v8 competitive multiplayer with AI mobs

The Division players

Update January 19, 2017: Ubisoft have revealed details on The Division’s Last Stand DLC, which pits teams of eight players against each other as they battle for control points. 

Taking place in the game’s Dark Zone, Last Stand offers consequence-free competitive battles with a separate progression system and exclusive gear. 

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In Last Stand, players are grouped together in squads of four, teams of eight, and they have to try and upload data at terminals dotted around the Dark Zone, with some areas tailor-made for the mode.

Constantly respawning AI makes moving around the region more difficult, so players have to fight their way to these points, where elite AI is defending. You can either bide your time and pick the human enemies apart as they’re pinned down by the AI, or you can tear through them yourself and get to the point first.

AI can also be farmed to get SHD tech, a team resource that you can use to unlock tactical boosts and fortifications, adding a strategic layer to proceedings. You can also place turrets at your home base – where you spawn – to keep enemies back. Your base also changes location over the course of play, bringing the teams closer together and upping the intensity of the match.

The mode comes with two unique, full vanity sets and two sets of weapon skins. A matchmaking system puts players together based on the progression system and skill. The expansion will also include a new Incursion, but details on that are to follow.

More details can be found on The Division’s site.

Original Story January 18, 2017: The Division’s Last Stand DLC just got a short teaser trailer, and there’s a full reveal set for tomorrow, January 19.

There’s not a hell of a lot known about Last Stand, but the teaser – embedded above – makes me think it’s going to be a horde-style mode where players defend massive piles of rubbish.

“You and your squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe,” said the original Season Pass content announcement video, also suggesting it’ll be some kind of wave defence mode.

We’ll find out soon, as there will be a stream tomorrow at 8am PST. Head over to The Division’s Twitch channel to watch.