Square Enix announce next-gen Tomb Raider “well into development”


Normally it’d be a given that a game as well received as Tomb Raider would receive a sequel, but after Square Enix came out and said that it didn’t meet sales expectations, people were suddenly a little bit worried that we wouldn’t see the return of the new young, tenacious Lara Croft. Thankfully, in an address regarding Square Enix’s future, CEO Phil Rogers has dispelled such fears and confirmed a sequel is “well into development.”

The bulk of the statement is regarding a reassurance that Square Enix will continue to make the games its been known for, but it’s the only concrete confirmation of a new game in the entire post. There’s no further information, including no word on who is developing the sequel, although it would be a genuine surprise if it wasn’t Crystal Dynamics again. They’ve seen Tomb Raider through a lot of iterations, and are responsible for the recent rework, so handing it off to another developer at this point would seem disengenuous.

Regardless, it’s welcome news, ensuring there’s a future for a series that looked somewhat rocky. And while there might have been the odd misstep in terms of quite how relentlessly violent Tomb Raider was in parts, the game was by and large an impressive outing, and one that I’d happily repeat in a new locale.