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Tomb Raider DLC has you exploring a wrecked plane and provides new multiplayer character


Square Enix aren’t done with Lara just yet, having already thrown her off cliffs, into the sea, to the dogs, and onto the hot coals of public opinion, they’ve now bulked out the singleplayer game with a new map.

That’s not all the new DLC, though. Ho ho, no.

There’s also a new character in multiplayer. It’s a veritable rainfall of extras. A rainfall of two.

The new map’s called The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer and focusses around the wreck of a downed plane. According to the DLC’s description it features one [1] puzzle! Try not to solve it all at once.

The multiplayer character is called Scavenger Executioner. Presumably the economic downturn has forced goons to take on multiple roles in the criminal underworld, previously scavenging and executing were two employments kept at arm’s length.

Hopefully we’ll be something more extensive released for Tomb Raider soon.