Tomb Raider video walks us through 11 minutes of the game


A new video for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot shows off 11 minutes of the in-game footage. This is the longest unbroken look we’ve had at the game publicly and it offers things to suggest it will be a great game and things to suggest it will be a frustrating game.

These aren’t new concerns, since we first saw footage of the game we’ve had worries that players will be inundated with quick-time events and the video below does little waylay those troubles.

I’m becoming very torn on this Tomb Raider reboot. On the one hand it is looking like a game shot through with style and a very deliberate tone, something many developers fail to achieve. Lara does seem vulnerable, she does look like she’s been run through the mill, and, particularly with that violentdeath on the waterfall, it’s not comfortable watching her in pain. That’s impressive. But what I couldn’t get away from in this video is the constant interruptions. The player in this walkthrough can’t seem to go thirty seconds without tumbling down a slope, falling through a roof, or otherwise having their flow broken by the game. It could well be that Crystal Dynamics were wanting to show off a particularly action-packed segment of the game and so this may not be representative of the game as a whole but nonetheless it’s worrying.

Cheers, RPS.