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Topic of the Week: Which modern PC games should every gamer play?


Right you lot, I’m going to be completely honest with you here: not only am I the new boy in the brilliant PCGamesN team, but I have only had a decent gaming PC for just under a year. I know… I know. Until recently, I’d eagerly followed PC gaming at a distance, lusting after a juicy rig from afar and crying myself to sleep because I lacked the cash. 

Now I have one and I’m enjoying some sexier ports of older games, better-looking versions of new games, and I’ve been uncovering some games from PC’s past. I’m also enjoying buying hundreds of games in sales and never actually playing them. Yay for PC gaming!

As a kid, I grew up playing the inferior console ports of some classic PC games, so I’ve played stuff like Deus Ex, for example. It’s one of my all-time favourites – a defining moment – but I could never go back to it now because it’s so ugly. I’m sorry, but not even its mother could love it.

I recently bought System Shock 2 and I had the exact same problem with that. I can’t go back to empty, box-shaped rooms and horrific, angular faces. I know, I’m shallow – shut up! You can talk when I’m done.

So, this is what I want to know: which modern PC games would you recommend everyone plays? It can be for any reason: its deep systems, gorgeous visuals, a specific character or an expertly woven story.

Now, they don’t have to have been released this year, but any game released in the last ten years would probably be a good baseline. Obviously don’t list them all, just pick your personal top games that fit and let us know why. Check the comments and see what other people have posted. I’d like to have a nice long chat.

I’m not going to suggest any, because I really want to see what you folk come up with. Let’s put together a list of modern classics – something people will come to years from now, just to see how right we all are.

Give me your top fives, top tens, one really strong recommendation – go into as much or as little detail as you like. I will judge you if I don’t agree – shut up! Not really, it’s your turn to talk now. I love you all.

Now hit me with your opinions.