Torchlight 2 to include modding tools and Steam Workshop support


Action-RTS Diablo 3 alternative Torchlight 2 launches on September 20, but developer Runic promises that the fun won’t stop there. Oh no, the fun will spiral upwards and outwards, in every direction, with automatic updates bringing free DLC and Steam Workshop support combining with mod tools to deliver an unending stream of community generated content. The fun will tower above us, it will surely consume us all.

Runic boss Travis Baldree told GameSpy that Steam Workshop, Steam’s user-created mod and content storefront, will be supported by Torchlight 2 at launch. “There’s no reason not to,” clarified Baldree.

The Workshop will showcase a gallery of add-ons created using the Torchlight 2 modding tools announced previously, as well as some Runic-created mods. Baldree himself told GameSpot that he quite fancied putting out a mod to add cursed weapons back into the game, which his colleagues hadn’t allowed him to do in the full game. The cheeky chappy.

Also mentioned was the possibility of frequent free DLC updates “to remind people we’re still around”, adding new sets of items or events to the already packed RPG. Torchlight 2’s available to pre-purchase on Steamnow, if you like. It’s rather good.