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Torchlight downloads free for 48 hrs on GOG.com


In Scotland, it is mainly called Torchlicht, and it is used as part of an ancient mating ritual up in the craggy Grampians where there is a secret internet connection in a series of caves that have been there since the Picts roamed the hills. Scots use Torchlicht as a way of calling other gaelic nerds to mate and LAN, and for them there will be a great ‘pairty’ tonight, as what we down south call ‘Torchlight’ is actually free to download for the next 48 hrs. Imagine what’s going on up in the mountains tonight. Imagine.

My secret Scottish communique indicates thaton the internetsthey are having some sort of Torchlight giveaway, in that you can download it for free here, right now, for the next 48 hours. This is worth doing because Torchlight is an excellent hacknslash action RPG game with a level editor, and you can use your cat to summon zombies like this here Alec Meer says.

Says GOG, as part of their #NODRM Summer “Every GOG.com user can grab a free copy of Torchlight until Thursday… All you need to do, is to visit the Torchlight product page and put it in your cart. You’ll pay exactly $0.00 for it, as long as you complete your purchase before Thursday,June 20, at 12:59PM GMT.”

What are you waiting for? Go hack and slash a thing! Meanwhile I am off back to the motherland to have a heck of a party in the braw bricht moonlicht Torchlicht.