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Torchlight 3 won’t happen because developer Runic is “burnt out”


Runic Games were showing off their new game Hob at PAX 2015 at the weekend, but nowhere in sight were any clues to a potential Torchlight sequel. And no matter how hard you look, you won’t find one. Runic have had enough of Torchlight, and are moving on to new things they have passion for. 

Talking to IGN, president Marsh Lefler said: “We’re just burnt out.” He also pointed to the obvious elephant in the room: Diablo 3.

“Let’s admit it, Diablo 3 is killing it right now. Diablo 3 is a really fun game. Not that Torchlight 2 isn’t a fun game, it is, but it’s just different. For us to try to compete with Diablo 3? We weren’t trying to compete before.”

Right now the studio is breaking from ten years of working on dungeon crawlers to work on Hob, which is “something we love” according to Lefler. If Torchlight is Runic’s answer to Diablo, then Hob is their Zelda: cute looking, full of exploration, and no dialogue or text in sight. It’s coming to PC, but there’s no release date set.

Thanks IGN.