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Total Annihilation wages war on Steam


Often heralded as a classic in the RTS genre, Total Annihilation passed 11-year-old me by. Being the collector I am of cheap Steam games I'll never play, I'm tempted to see what I missed now it's popped up there for the introductory price of £2.79.

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Whether it still holds up by today's standards, or it's just a pure nostalgia trip for people who spent their childhoods with it, remains to be seen.

At the price of a pint, it's probably worth a punt though. It currently boasts 131 positive Steam reviews and only 2 negative.

It is also worth noting that the two negative reviews cite crashing because of an incompatibility, so even these aren't down to the game's age. 

If you do decide to download it, make sure you've got room - it comes in at a whopping 40 MB.  

You can grab it here.

Cheers, RPS.

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neo606 avatarLachlan avatar
neo606 Avatar
2 Years ago

Most epic RTS of all time :)

Lachlan Avatar
Lachlan(1 hour played)
2 Years ago

It's not just a nostalgia trip. There is still an active modding community at tauniverse. Hopefully they'll integrate steamworks multiplayer. It's a truly epic game and deserves a modern audience. Also, the resolution has native support for up to 1440p, it just shows more of the map, but I think it looks fine when run at a higher res. At only 40mb, it sounds like the CD audio hasn't been included. I think it was Jeremy Soule's first major work (Skyrim composer). The gog version definitely has the audio included.