Total Waft: Sega gets its own fragrance line

Total War: Rome II

Gaming smell specialists Epic Scents have formed a partnership with Sega to create whiffs for some of the publisher’s (presumably most famous) franchises.

This is not a drill.

Epic Scents were responsible for the Mega Man Scent Blaster air-freshener which premiered at New York Comic Con last year.

Now they’re joining with Sega for a new range of “air care products”, due for launch in June 2013.

“We’re excited to join forces with Sega to develop proprietary scents for their brands,” said Epic Scents project director Jim Kavanaugh, rather corporately.

I imagine we’re in for perfumes plastered with Sega’s best-known console characters, but it’s fun to imagine the publisher approaching the Creative Assembly or Relic for their ideas. Hum of Homeworld, anyone? Eau d’Arc?

Absurd though this is, I lately spent twenty minutes in a line at Alton Towers taking safety advice from a blue animal before boarding his branded rollercoaster. So I can’t say I’m entirely surprised.

Thanks, Polygon.